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Cultural Influence

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At W.Rubens we aim to be a driving force in supporting and inspiring the next generation of creatives, but who inspires us? In the first post of our on-site blog, we elucidate the answer as well as our vision moving forward with this platform.
Cultural Influence

Fashion as art is created through an amalgamation of cultural influences and personal experiences, skilfully woven together to tell a new story. We have used this approach in our signature collection, taking inspiration from different elements and movements of human culture to construct a modern perspective of the T-Shirt. From the iconography of time-honoured British tailoring in the lapel, to hints of traditional Japanese Kimonos or a sail in the wind in the design of the neckline, we have used the whole collection to pay homage to exemplary craftsmanship throughout history and place to craft our own tale.

It doesn’t end at the T-Shirt. We have created various digital platforms to spotlight the unique talents and outlooks of creatives from all over the world; be it through historical articles of architectural grandeur, digital zine spreads showcasing culturally significant exhibitions or short documentaries of experienced artisans, the work that inspires us is held with love and respect. We hope to invite you to begin a conversation. As much as we aspire to educate and inspire others, we also want to learn from you too. This can not only be through sharing recommendations on cultural topics and debates, or informing us on an artist that you would like us to learn more about, but also in holding us accountable. 

By its nature, as the world evolves new perspectives of it arrive in tandem. Predetermined societal norms are challenged and steadfast theories are revised. Each passing day brings new socially conscious ways of thought and with the help of your insight we strive to be better. Within W.Rubens we hold ourselves to high standards of morality and social awareness, nevertheless under no circumstances do we believe or claim to be perfect. While we are aware that it is our responsibility to better ourselves, any critiques on our conduct and ways on how we can improve are greatly welcomed and appreciated.