Introduction Sale: 125 Rubens for £125.00

We worked with London-based designers to create our ‘signature packaging’. Each item has been handmade in England out of sustainable and certified materials. They are constructed to be durable, reusable and fully recyclable. Just like our T-Shirts, we haven’t cut corners or skimped in any way. They are made with the utmost respect for the craftsmanship and sustainability, guaranteeing that you’ll get your W. Rubens in perfect condition.

Alongside our signature packaging, we created our eco-packaging line, also from responsibly sourced 100% biodegradable and recyclable materials. Much like our signature line, we invested a great amount of time into the production to ensure nothing but the best quality. If you opt for this packaging instead of our signature packaging line, rest assured there will be no disparity in the quality of the packaging or condition of your T-Shirt upon arrival.

In addition to delivery packaging, we decided to provide each tee with an eco-poly bag — created from sustainably-grown and harvested mushrooms — should any issues arise with your T-Shirt and you would like to return and exchange. Specifically with this product, a lot of the manufacturing process was dedicated to researching the principles and science behind the formulation of the material. Find out more about returns here.