Introduction Sale: 125 Rubens for £125.00


At W. Rubens, we decided to adopt the age-old pre-order sales model. The reasons for this are simple. One, we want to have a closer connection with our customers; two, we aim to reduce waste from our supply chain. The direct-to-customer sales model means that we gain a genuine awareness of your needs and wants, and we aren’t interested in being a faceless, clothes-churning machine that spits out untested and potentially unwanted garments. It’s simply not sustainable: it is both detrimental to the relationship we want to build with our customers and bad for the environment. One of the least sustainable things a fashion brand can do is produce something nobody actually wants.

We are a small brand. Therefore, it is important we are transparent and up-front about who we are and what we hope to obtain from creating W. Rubens. We don’t believe that massive collections are the future of the fashion industry. As we are based in the UK, we work with small local factories to produce the highest quality garments possible. This process takes time and commitment from our suppliers, our producers, and even you, our customer. This means that you pay for the garment upfront, and we make it exclusively for you, in a way that is both high-end and sustainable.

As you can see, our creativity is boundless, but this doesn’t mean we want to produce everything we can think of. Instead, we will commit to limited runs of the styles you want and love, to reduce our dead stock or unwanted items. Making only what you want and reducing waste wherever possible is central to our strategy. Together, we can create a vision for the future of fashion that is lean, responsive, respectful, and personal to you.