Introduction Sale: 125 Rubens for £125.00

At W. Rubens we believe that in the world of fashion, fast is never good. We are also in strong support of paying a fair wage for the work that is undertaken on our behalf. These ideologies have led us to create a transparent pricing policy, one that helps to support the highly skilled workers who are making our T-Shirts.

As you will see within our collection, there is a varied range of price points. This is a little uncommon for fashion brand, especially luxury brands to do — normally there is a single price for the same item, regardless of the difference in design.

Our price range directly reflects the cost of making our T-Shirts in the UK and, that our pricing strategy should reflect the differing level of complexity within each of our designs. This means that the more complex or elaborate the design is, then the more time it takes to make it, and we all know time is money. In contrast, the more basic styles with less technically-challenging construction characteristics take less time to make, so they are not as expensive.

All of our tees have been categorised into four price bands — Apprentice, Experienced, Expert and Artisan. These are determined by the time spent crafting the garment, ranging from a couple of hours for an Apprentice style, to over a full day’s work for an Artisan. We firmly believe that in addition to ensuring fair wages for our team, it is important that our prices reflect the efforts, skill and artistry put into every Rubens in order to uphold the integrity of craft. 

Listed below are the craft times and prices we have assigned to each Craft Level:

Apprentice 2 Hours | £195

Experienced 4 Hours | £250

Expert 6 Hours | £295

Artisan 8+ Hours | £350

We hope that you appreciate our dedication to supporting our fantastic production team in such a way that is equitable, fair, and transparent, and join us in celebration of their expert craftsmanship. To see how the magic of a W.Rubens T-Shirt comes to life, you can watch the creation process here.