Introduction Sale: 125 Rubens for £125.00

W. Ruben’s purpose is to create the world’s best white T-Shirts, handcrafted using the finest fabrics, in such a way so that we can be a driving force in encouraging social and environmental change throughout our journey.

We believe that investing in the very best talents to help them grow into established artisans, using the most up to date techniques and technologies within the industry, will lead us to make a positive impact on the well documented environmental concerns of the fashion industry.

By creating T-Shirts using a legacy of craftsmanship, we hope to enable a refined yet more durable product. Minimising production and improving the ideas behind consumption can reduce dead stock and surplus production, ultimately helping to reduce the waste caused by fashion and extend the life of our T-Shirts. We are committed to using a single fabric. This guarantees the consistency of both experience and look but, in addition, enables us to support our manufacturers and suppliers with an ongoing commitment.

Our consistent high standard of production is ensured by maintaining a close knit relationship with all of our suppliers and partners. The team at W. Rubens is continuously innovating and considering ways to improve supply chain; preserving strong, respectful connections with our network and partners helps us to accomplish this.

Our T-Shirts

If there is one truth in fashion it is that if you buy better quality items, you’ll be able to keep them for longer. Our T-Shirts are crafted to last. Using both the finest fabrics and time-tested techniques, each of our T-Shirts represents around 160 painstaking work hours spent on their creation and production.

We spend this time making sure you get a product which has been rigorously tested to guarantee long wear expectancy. We have aimed for your Rubens to be forever timeless, which you can learn how to achieve by following our wear care guidelines.

Our Fabrics

The traceability of our fabrics allows us transparency in our supply chain — all of our certificates documenting their credentials are available to view on the product page.

Reducing the number of partners we work with means we have developed deeper and closer relationships, enabling us to control our production in a much more hands on way and so can continually improve it.

Our Craft

Our workforce makes our business, quite literally, and without them we are nothing. This is the reason we believe in developing local economies and their wider communities. We employ local talent and help to develop future skills by enhancing and advancing each one of our employees. Using investment and training to build up new skills and discover innovative methods, we do our small part for the future of British craftsmanship and artistry.

Our Waste

Using the same high quality fabric with every season allows us to minimise our waste output. Be it to create fabric collages, swatch books or artwork, our off-cuts are reimagined and up-cycled in a variety of artistic forms. This guarantees consistency in the quality of our garments, thus both reducing customer returns and the environmental impact of seasonal fabric development.

Our Environment

Your environment is our environment, which is why we continually review our practices in order to not only maintain our ethical standards, but go beyond and surpass the industry norm where possible. Within our fabric development process we have significantly reduced the use of chemicals and, in addition, created unique plastic-free packaging that is 100% recycled or plant based.

To help us continue in our quest of sustainability, we want you to get involved simply by reusing our packaging and sending back your well worn Rubens T-Shirts. We’ll exchange the returned tees for account credit and recycle them within our own internal loops to further up-cycle into new artwork.

Our Partners

We want to work with like minded businesses to make sure that everyone involved has the same ethical stance as W. Rubens. Therefore, before we sign on to any partnership we scrutinise their policies and actions related to, but not exclusively: the welfare of workers, social commitment, and the environment.

As we feel there must be a conscious decision to take a stance on current actions and future initiatives, we expect our partners to uphold to their commitments and help shape our world for the better.