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Below are some care tips to keep your Rubens T-Shirt in the perfect condition whilst being style-friendly. We want you to be able to prolong the life of your Rubens, to get the longest lifespan and best use possible.



If you splash or spill something onto your 100% Cotton Rubens T-Shirt, you’ll need to act fast. It will absorb liquids quickly and the sooner you start treating the stain, the easier it is to remove. Use warm water and a mild detergent or soap to dab on the stain. Moderately sponge until the stain has been removed and reduced, then once done do hand wash or use a dry cleaner. We also advise that if you are using a domestic stain removal method either as a topical application or within your laundry that it mustn’t contain bleach. Bleach is a corrosive agent that will cause irreversible damage to your Rubens.


In order to rid your Rubens of creasing, a steamer or a professional dry cleaner would be the preferable options. If you instead choose to iron your Rubens, we recommend that you utilise the steam function and keep the iron on a low heat setting — ideally at a temperature no higher than 110°C or a one dot setting. This will keep the cotton smooth and the garment looking crisp and fresh. Always take your time when ironing and use an ironing board to ensure the Rubens is laid flat and not stretched out. Keep a spray bottle of water to hand and ever so slightly dampen the Rubens T-Shirt throughout the process to relax the cotton fibres.

When ironing, complete the smaller panels first (sleeves, lapels and neckline) and then move onto the larger sections of the body, front and back — this procedure will help you avoid creasing. When you’re finished, take a moment to allow the Rubens T-Shirt to cool down before folding and storing in order to help let the cotton fibres settle to avoid a later development of unwanted lines.


To avoid underarm staining your Rubens, please try to use a deodorant that does not contain aluminium salts — a roll-on is most advisable.

However, because our T-Shirts are made with 100% luxurious cotton that is processed in such a way to increase breathability and help you stay cooler for longer, we suggest you use deodorant and cologne sparingly when wearing them.