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A W. Rubens T-shirt is only half way to looking good, the rest is all you! The real secret to style isn’t hidden in the clothes themselves, but in being your true authentic self and wearing the Rubens with confidence.

While we encourage individuality with how you wear your Rubens as there is no rule to self expression, we have put together the following guide of basic “DOs and DON’Ts” to help you get started on your journey to being your most stylish self.




The first step to looking great in your Rubens is to make sure you get the perfect fit to achieve this, take pride in your measurements and adhere to our size guide.

Some things to consider before purchasing:


Additional tips:

Knowing your neckline

As a general consensus, V-necks tend to look best on fitter men: the deep cut greatly emphasises a built-up chest. V-necks also help to create the illusion of height, and balances out a narrow face.

Crew-necks are a more suitable option for men with a thinner frame. As this style is exposing less of your neck and chest, drawing less attention to your upper torso region.