Introduction Sale: 125 Rubens for £125.00

The W. Rubens philosophy is all about fairness. Being decent and community-driven within all aspects of production ensures everyone in the supply chain makes a fair living. Treating people with respect — from suppliers and retailers to our teams of creatives and contributors — creates a sense of belonging.

Making our T-Shirts in the UK takes time and dedication, and our aim is to bring back to interest to the ‘Made in the UK’ badge of honour. The UK’s history of craft and workmanship is second to none, and the next generations of creative talent deserve to have these skills and history available to them.

We’ve got it wrong in the past, when we overlooked young people and thought that they must always listen to the older generations. When you automatically say, “no it won’t work” there can be a blockage of development. Now we’ve flipped it — everyone, no matter their age or area of interest, has a voice. Listening to new views and ideas has been our strategy so far and how we’ll continue to grow with the brand. We have been so lucky to have been supported by new and young talent from the onset. We believe it’s essential to support young talent, and where possible, we have brought on recent graduates to help the next generation and the future of the creative industry in the UK.