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How to Rubens

While there are no rules to self-expression, here are some tips to help you wear your Rubens with confidence.

The first step to looking and feeling great in your Rubens is to make sure you get the perfect fit. Take pride in your measurements and adhere to our size guide. We suggest you pick your normal size, as our T-shirts are true to size. You can check our sizes here.

Please note: your Rubens has not been pre-shrunk, so it will be slightly bigger than our size chart when you receive it. This is to ensure that once it’s washed, it will be the right size.

Our T-shirts are expertly tailored for the most flattering fit. But as a general consensus, V-necks tend to look best on more muscular frames with broad shoulders (the deep cut emphasises a built-up chest). Crew necks are a good choice for thinner frames, as they don’t draw so much attention to your neck and chest.

Below are some care tips to keep your Rubens T-Shirt in the perfect condition for as long as possible.

Take a deep breath, but act fast. Because our T-shirts are made from cotton, they absorb liquids quickly. The sooner you start treating the stain, the easier it is to remove. Use warm water and a mild detergent or soap to dab on the stain. Gently sponge until the stain has been removed or reduced, then hand wash or use a dry cleaner. We also advise against using any domestic stain remover that contains bleach (either by hand or in your laundry). Bleach is a corrosive agent that will cause irreversible damage to your Rubens (none of us want that).

A good cleaning process is essential for preserving your Rubens and keeping it looking sharp. Always:
  • Turn your Rubens inside out before washing (this helps reduce abrasion on the outside, preserving the richness of the cotton)
  • Wash cold (ideally by hand or on a low spin setting)
  • Wash alone or with other white fabrics to avoid discolouration 
  • Use small amounts of detergent
Following this guidance means you can ensure the longevity of your clothes (you’ve made an investment, after all), reduce water usage, save on energy bills, and protect the environment.

Please note that due to the nature of the cotton fabric we use, you may experience some shrinking after your first wash. With this in mind, we have been slightly generous with each size, meaning the dimensions of the T-Shirt will not align exactly with our guidelines until post first wash.

Only wash your T-Shirt when it needs to be cleaned and always air dry, either laid flat or hanging it in the shade.

Avoid the tumble dryer to reduce the risk of shrinkage. By choosing to air dry your Rubens instead, you’ll prevent creasing and unwanted stretching.

If you do choose to iron your Rubens, we recommend that you use the steam function and keep the iron on a low heat setting—ideally at a temperature no higher than 110°C or a one dot setting. 

This will keep the cotton smooth and the garment looking crisp and fresh. Always take your time when ironing and use an ironing board to ensure the Rubens is laid flat and not stretched out. Keep a spray bottle of water to hand and ever so slightly dampen the T-Shirt throughout the process to relax the cotton fibres.

When ironing, do the smaller panels first (sleeves, lapels and neckline) and then move onto the larger sections of the body, front and back—this will help you avoid creasing. When you’re finished, take a moment to allow the Rubens T-Shirt to cool down before folding and storing. This helps let the cotton fibres settle, so you won’t get any unwanted lines developing later.

To avoid staining the underarms of your Rubens, we recommend using a deodorant that does not contain aluminium salts—a roll-on is best.

However, because our T-Shirts are made with cotton that is processed to increase breathability and help you stay cooler for longer, we suggest you using deodorant and cologne sparingly when wearing your Rubens.

To prolong the life of your Rubens, how you store it is just as important as how you wash it. Your Rubens should be stored in a cool and dark location, folded flat. T-shirts hung for long periods of time are prone to stretching and becoming misshapen, but if you do prefer to hang your Rubens, avoid thin wire hangers—use a thick, wooden hanger, as the weight is then evenly distributed. Fold over the hanger like you would your trousers, or hang from the bottom to avoid stretching the neckline.


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