Introduction Sale: 125 Rubens for £125.00

W. Rubens is an exclusive T-Shirt company located in London, England. Each Rubens is a luxurious take on the classic style.

By fusing tradition and innovation, our designers and makers have created a collage of textures combined within often juxtaposing styles. Every T-Shirt allows the casual comfort of a daytime feeling, but with a sophisticated evening look. Inspired by bespoke tailoring, historic sportswear, and international cultures past and present, our T-Shirts are crafted with precision and detail.

A British enterprise: our atelier is in the heart of Leicester, England, where each Rubens is expertly produced by craftsmen and craftswomen in limited batches. This provides each T-Shirt with an individual sense of identity and exclusivity. They are one-offs, handcrafted by artisans.

By doing this we respect the integrity of every design. Each Rubens is produced to order from the finest materials, sourced from our suppliers who care about their workers’ welfare in addition to social and environmental causes.

Respecting the tradition of craft and ensuring high quality in the creation of our garments results in the perfect white T-Shirt — one that is minimalistic, timeless, and essential.